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This is a movie about was young .
Eleven -year-old stone island jeans single boy escape from the orphanage , looking for love an Italian mother , son at home is too cumbersome , unwilling to shelter , the little boy on a lodging abandonment , by picking up cans and scrap metal for a living. Abandonment across a wealthy girl , about the same age, but not because of looks outstanding , the subject of indifference, and the little boy became friends , and even similar to "run away " , as beautiful as her sister was eventually designed , did not go into .

This is a film about loneliness .
Young mothers searching, look around for love , but only to find a man in bed crazy . Set regardless of whether flesh and blood , sensual indulgence can not fill the emptiness of the soul . Nowhere Boy defected , after being thrown out fondly mother crying . I think more than a child is the crystallization of love , has become a victim of love . Girl unloved because not pretty, asked desire , stone island jeans A. "Be spinster " , ironically, her best hope is just someone to kiss her lips. Lonely, if loneliness is self-inflicted , extenuating , if it is imposed by outsiders , whether outsiders is the president, excuse , money , women , or the system , do not have time during the day and at night have a curse. The reason why people prefer solitude more time simply because he is not alone. Even the beautiful sister, under the lake at sunset pond , or left alone, secretly looked before the windows , all alone . If my sister out of the same boat with the little boys befriend her sister but was disseminated young minds a sense of the adult world position of superiority , it is lonely doubled.

This is a movie about the ideal .
"The Poet ," the boy , stone island jeansbecause " repeat " the one "My Carol" , to be laughed at , teachers, children , without exception , even though the boy wiping tears of grievances , or talking about the ideal answer " wanted a poet . " Some say that the so-called ideal is to insist , the next second carry down, they realized the ideal , but I'd rather appoint themselves one never reach the ideal , only to let the desire and the ideal gone together , not only personally witnessed the dream realization of the moment , fireworks staged another lonely . But I always have the ideal person to refuel, because there is no ideal people do not even have the desire and tragic experience .

This is a movie about optimism .
Warm yellow tone picture consistent. No matter how helpless little boy refused to fall, refused to bully the company of refusing alcohol and tobacco. Broken ground that drowned cat , regret. The childhood toy rocking music represents the boy's hope after all , the last desperate, a cruel throw the toy , but still jumped into the cold river water to retrieve it . Life is never imagined so bad, not so good at love . "V for Vendetta " in the blow up government buildings , not to completely overturn or change ,cheap stone island jeans just to give a little hope . And I hope this is enough to make a person have to pan down , on the very lives .